Track Tec supports young talents of the rail industry

Track Tec S.A. supports once again talented young people, who are taking their first steps within the railway industry. The competition for the best thesis organised by the Company aims to promote research and development of innovative solutions for the rail transport. As part of the Award of the President of the Management Board the honoured students and doctoral candidates will receive financial support and the opportunity to develop their skills within the organization.

The contest organised by Track Tec is a response to increasing requirements of the rail sector, where innovative technological solutions are vitally needed. The aim was to improve the durability and safety standards of the rail infrastructure. The competition for the Award of the President of the Management Board of Track Tec is becoming more and more popular, this year alone new colleges and universities joined the competition with over 20 theses.

„We support the further development of technological solutions for the rail industry. We are aware of the importance of innovation in today’s world. Therefore, we support talented young people, who are not afraid to take courageous steps and develop innovative concepts. This is accentuated by our prestigious contest, which is enjoying increasing popularity, as well as by the fact that the last year’s winner has found employment at Track Tec. It is our mission to promote pioneering projects, which may make a significant contribution to improving railway performance in future” – said Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Management Board of the Group Track Tec S.A.

This year’s edition of the competition covers the following areas: construction, materials engineering, railway automation, interplay between the rolling stock and the track superstructure as well as environmental protection. The Award of the President of the Management Board will be given to an individual who demonstrates extensive knowledge and also innovative and comprehensive approach to the presented concepts.
On September 17th of this year the theses have been presented to the jury by the authors, respectively as a 10-minute speech.

The President of the Management Board of Track Tec S.A. bestowed in 2015 financial rewards for the best theses. This year the award ceremony for the authors of the three best theses will take place at the railway fair TRAKO in Gdańsk during an official cocktail reception for the Customers and Partners of Track Tec on September 23rd at the stand of the Track Tec Group, hall C, stand C04.

// 18.09.2015

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