Mieczysław Olender is appointed a member of Track Tec’s Management Board

Mieczysław Olender has been the Vice President and Managing Director of Track Tec S.A. since 1 May 2011. The Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of railroad infrastructure in Poland.

“I share the experts’ opinion that the generally known problems with railroad transport stem from a critically bad condition of the track infrastructure. But observable repairs and modernisation have finally started. I am happy that I will have an opportunity to be a part of a group of companies that has a substantial contribution towards this process. I can see the potential for further internal development and growth of competitive advantages that will provide us with a better launching pad for increasing our domestic market share and entering the European markets”, said Mieczysław Olender.

Mieczysław Olender is an experienced manager with over 20-year-long experience in railroad transport and logistics. For the last 10 years he was the President of the PCC Rail SA holding and successfully led the holding through restructuring and consolidation. In the 1990s Mieczysław Olender was a member of the CTL Logistics’s Management Board and assisted in developing the first, now the biggest, private logistics group in Poland.

Mieczysław Olender is a graduate in automation from AGH Kraków (University of Science and Technology in Kraków) and in finance from the University of Economics in Katowice, and a postgraduate in business organisation and management. In 2009 he received a special award ‘The Man of the Year – The Friend of Railway’.

// 04.05.2011

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