Track Tec’s turnouts fly to the USA

The Track Tec Group is taking another important step towards international expansion. Following the delivery of turnouts and parts therefor to Canada, it is focusing now on the order to supply turnouts for a carrier in Detroit. Tight deadlines defined by the customer create a need for air transport. Compared to the transport by sea, it will shorten delivery times by as much as a month.

The contract brings new, specific challenges for the Group. On the one hand, it is the organisation of the whole process, including on-time delivery to the construction site in Detroit, and, on the other hand, the design and manufacture of special packing materials for elements longer than 12m, which meet the air transport requirements.

"I am particularly pleased with the contract. First of all, this means the presence of the products under the brand name Track Tec on the distant, demanding American market and – perhaps more importantly – demonstrates the ability of the Group to fulfil the contract" – says Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Management Board of Track Tec S.A. "Efficient organisation, in particular in the field of logistics, is an important test for the Group, providing a real opportunity for further deliveries" – he adds.

Developing new export markets is very important in times of lower domestic demand – the present trend will continue all year round – while also contributing to building a global brand, which will be of great importance to the national companies once the funding under the second EU perspective has ended.

Track Tec successfully continues to implement this strategy.

// 29.02.2016

Track Tec