Track Tec Group awarded the “Railway Market Locomotive 2017”

Yesterday, at the prestigious TRAKO International Railway Fair, the “Railway Market Locomotive” awards ceremony took place, which were awarded as part of the competition organised by the TOR Consultants Group. Track Tec Group has won in the “Innovation” category.

Used in the smart turnout and awarded in the competition, the innovative induction heating system enables to heat the moving parts of the turnout significantly faster and only 
where it is necessary. It allows to optimise the generated heat energy, decrease CO2 emissions and obtain significant savings for the infrastructure manager.

The induction heating system is compatible 
with the SCADA master system which has been used by PKP PLK S.A. for many years. Due to its versatility, it can be used in any configuration of the turnout which in turn may be delivered by Track Tec Group in blocks directly to the construction site, thanks to a specialist turnout installation train. 

The Company’s innovative product uses company’s own idea – TRACKROLL point rollers integrated with a sliding plate.

“Our experts are constantly, but most importantly – successfully – developing solutions that set completely new standards in the industry. The induction heating system used in the smart turnout is protected by a European patent,” concludes Jarosław Pawluk, Sc.D., President of the Management Board of the Track Tec S.A. Group.

The competition was held from 3 July to 27 August this year. After the stage of selecting the finalists, from 3 to 27 August this year, Internet users could vote for their favourites in four categories – “Innovation”, “Railway Promoter”, “New Carriers” and “For the Passenger” on “Rynek Kolejowy” publishing house’s website.

// 28.09.2017

Track Tec