Track Tec for Tramwaje Warszawskie.

The Track Tec Group will deliver over 5,400 prestressed concrete sleepers to the Warsaw public transport company Tramwaje Warszawskie. Consequently, for the next consecutive year Poland’s capital city tramway network will be equipped with top quality Track Tec sleepers – durable and safe. The deliveries will be completed in 2014.

Track Tec was awarded a contract for delivery throughout 2014 of 5,436 prestressed concrete sleepers to Tramwaje Warszawskie following a tender, which covered two types of sleepers. In both cases, the company submitted the most advantageous tender bid for the third consecutive year. In 2013, 2,100 sleepers were delivered to Tramwaje Warszawskie, with around 4,900 pieces supplied the year before. The sleepers designed by Track Tec engineers comply with all relevant standards and meet strict market requirements.

“Track Tec’s key competitive advantage is our focus on production quality standards and customer satisfaction. Our approach allows us to steadily expand our domestic and international customer base. At the same time we put our local Polish market first.” – said Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Track Tec Group.

To ensure high quality of its products, Track Tec orders quality analyses by professional certification bodies and tests its sleepers for quality at the company’s own state-of-the-art laboratory in Goczałków. Extensive modernization of research facilities equipped with advanced measurement devices enables control of every single stage of the production process, making it possible to supply customers with rail sleepers of guaranteed safety and durability.

The recently won tender for prestressed concrete sleepers’ delivery to Tramwaje Warszawskie has not been the only success of Track Tec on the Polish market. In April 2014, the very first Polish prototype railway turnout with the radius of 2,500 m was approved. The turnout was developed by Track Tec KolTram for the consortium responsible for the modernization project of the Warszawa – Skierniewice rail line.

// 23.05.2014

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