Malaysian contract for Track Tec

The Track Tec Group will execute the contract for the urban railway in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Special alignment devices for contactless tracks will protect the bridge constructions as well as rails against an excessive exploitation.

This month the Company will perform a supply of special alignment devices for so called contactless tracks that will be installed in the Malaysian urban railways owned by Prasarana and RapidKL – suppliers and operators of local public transport. Transport containers will leave the port of Hamburg directly to the port of Malaysia.

Special devices will be installed in tracks located especially on long bridges as well as at places where contactless tracks are connected with classic tracks. The main task of these devices will be to prevent the transfer of the so-called longitudinal forces in the track on the bridge structure, that are built as result of the temperature difference. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid the potential damage to buildings but also the buckling of the rails that could result in the derailment of the train.

„The reliability of the Track Tec Group's products enables it to enter increasingly distant markets around the world. The experience and use of the most innovative technologies allow us to adapt them to the railway infrastructure, which is diversified in many respects. We are proud that despite the distances that divide us, the Company is an attractive partner for an ever-growing group of foreign contractors” – said Jarosław Pawluk, CEO of Track Tec S.A.

The confirmation of the high quality of the products offered by the Company was recently the acquisition of a contract for the supply of wooden sleepers to the port cities of Ystad and Piteå in Sweden. The railway sleepers met the EN standards established by the European Union authorities which are on of the most important regulations in the European economic zone as well as the strict guidelines of the Transport Office of the Kingdom of Sweden (Trafikverket).

// 21.10.2014

Track Tec