Track Tec – Innovation leader at TRAKO

Track Tec was awarded a series of prizes at TRAKO 2015 International Railway Fair. The Company received a „Locomotive of Rynek Kolejowy”, the Ernest Malinowski Award in the category „Rolling Stock” as well as the „Golden Chariot” Award. The won trophies confirm its position as a market leader which Track Tec has been holding on the market of solution manufacturers for transport infrastructure for many years now.

The Track Tec Group received a „Locomotive of Rynek Kolejowy” in the category „Innovation” for a prototype slip turnout. The prize, awarded every two years by readers of the portal „Rynek Kolejowy”, provides an overview of the rail industry and stresses the importance of all those companies without whom the development of railways would be significantly limited or even impossible.

„The brand Track Tec has, for years now, been standing for innovation in the rail sector. We do not reproduce, but search for new solutions, using the know-how we have. The prize, awarded by the Internet users, means a lot to us, because it reflects the opinion of the users, the industry experts and the railway enthusiasts. We are all the more pleased, as we have received over 60% of all the votes in this category” – said Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Management Board of the Group Track Tec S.A.

In 2015, the „Locomotives of Rynek Kolejowy” were given in one of four main categories. The jury of journalists reserved the right to award those businesses that, for various reasons, have not been assigned to any of the other categories.

In the Ernest Malinowski Competition, Track Tec received an award 
in the category Rolling Stock for a turnout installation train – an innovative solution for logistics of turnout blocks on prestressed concrete turnout sleepers. The novelty of the Track Tec solution lies in the development of a technical installation (UR-1) in conjunction with z EC Engineering, which ensures safe transport of turnout blocks pre-assembled by the manufacturer and their immediate assembly on delivery directly from the wagon onto the prepared substructure. With this technology the construction timescale and hence the track possession periods will be many times shorter. Segments of this size have not been carried in Poland before because only special vehicles from abroad provided such an opportunity.

We were the first in Poland to implement an innovative project in the logistics: a train using 
wagons with specialist load handling devices for transporting completed turnout blocks on prestressed concrete turnout sleepers that was brought into service on September 2nd 2015. This solution will have a positive impact on the timescale and quality of the investments carried out by PKP PLK in Poland – says Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Management Board of the Group Track Tec S.A.

The success of Track Tec was completed by the Golden Chariot Award, signed i.a. by the UIC Director General, which was given to the Company for its outstanding performance in the transport industry. The award is of particular importance for the Group, because it can be regarded as recognition of the activities and achievements of Track Tec on international markets.

Over the last 5 years, the products with the trade mark Track Tec have appeared on almost all continents, in over 30 countries. On the one hand, this is a result of an effective implementation of our business concepts, and on the other hand – a reason for satisfaction for the whole team – added Jarosław Pawluk.

// 15.10.2015

Track Tec