Track Tec supports innovations in the railway industry

On Wednesday evening, during the International Railway Fair InnoTrans in Berlin, the Track Tec Group has awarded the prizes for the best thesis in the field of railways. In this way the company decided to support the training of engineering staff which is working on innovative technical solutions that affect the improvement of the durability of the railway infrastructure and thus the safety for its users.

The Track Tec Group has been implementing for years pioneer projects that respond to the growing requirements of the railway industry. The company’s engineers continuously work on innovations, whose main assumption is to build new standards in the industry, in particular in the area of infrastructure durability and security. Such an approach to running a business has brought Track Tec many industry awards for its contribution to the development of Polish technical thought. However, the company decided to go a step further and to support the students and graduates of universities.

The formula of the Competition for the Award of the CEO of Track Tec made it possible to select the most interesting and valuable theses whose subject matter is related to the broadly understood railway infrastructure. The company rewarded those who have extensive knowledge and innovative approach to increasing the innovation of the broadly understood railway industry. For example, the implementation of the method of train location - proposed by the winner - in the process of railway traffic control will enable the increase of the railway line capacity and will improve the smoothness of railway traffic. An additional effect may be the reduction of energy consumption by smoothly moving trains.

"The assumption of all initiatives that are undertaken by the Track Tec Group is to raise standards in the railway industry, primarily in the area of quality and safety. That is why we have decided to reward those who are close to similar professional values that are also respected by us. However that wouldn’t have been possible without the substantive support of the outstanding personalities of the world of science, thanks to which we had a chance to select people who especially deserve to be honored” - said Jarosław Pawluk, CEO of the Track Tec Group.

The Track Tec company was honored by the presence of

  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Jacek Kijeński (Institute of Industrial Chemistry in Warsaw);
  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Jerzy Kisilowski (University of Technology and Humanities in Radom);
  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Wiesław Kurdowski (Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Cracow);
  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Janusz Dyduch (University of Technology and Humanities in Radom);
  • PhD. Eng. Andrzej Cholewa (Track Tec Group)

The jury selected a winner after analyzing of diploma theses and doctoral dissertations that were defended during the last year at universities cooperating with Track Tec. The Laureates of the Competition have been awarded with cash prizes.

  • 1st place - Andrzej Toruń from the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom for the thesis entitled "Train location method in the rail traffic control process”
  • 2nd place - Bartłomiej Słyś and Maciej Szmit from the Cracow University of Technology for the thesis entitled „Analysis of monoblock prestressed concrete sleepers with various types of anchorages";
  • 3rd place - Łukasz Łapczyński from the Cracow University of Technology for the thesis entitled „Determination of the thickness of the concrete layer damaged by the high temperature using the Torrent’s method."

The Competition Jury has also awarded two distinctions for the theses:

  • „Method for assessing the efficiency of inductive heating in railway turnouts” (Author: Kamil Kiraga from the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom);
  • “Quantitative characteristics of autogenous healing of concrete from reactive powders maturing under different hydrothermal conditions” (Author: Mariusz Wiecheć from the Cracow University of Technology).

// 25.09.2014

Track Tec