Track Tec – development is in its DNA

Significant investments in the Polish railway infrastructure have led to a great increase in demand for materials and goods. Large demand will remain for a number of years and will grow due to the implementation of the railway component of the Central Communication Port.

Track Tec S.A., the largest domestic producer of basic goods for railway infrastructure, such as prestressed concrete and wooden sleepers, railway and tram turnouts, has been so well-prepared for this boom that, apart from domestic supplies, it has been exporting large amounts of its goods. The export is also necessary to maintain the company’s position on the foreign markets accessed in previous years.

This year, turnouts and their parts have been shipped to previous recipients in Canada, Turkey, India, Switzerland as well as to new ones in Norway, Sweden and Malaysia. As for railway and tram sleepers, they have been exported to Sweden, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Furthermore, there are also Track Tec turnouts study sites in numerous locations (Świdnik, Bednary, Pszczółki, Psary, Ciechanów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki).

The company's activity is also significantly related to innovation. Track Tec Group is currently working on the new R500 turnout equipped with Alstom Hy-Drive, designated for the Polish market. The turnout is designed for the speed up to 250 km/h. A turnout with a similar drive with R1200 radius is being tested at the moment on the Central Rail Line.

// 12.09.2018

Track Tec