Track Tec awarded with the “2019 Investor Without Borders” award

During the largest business event in Central Europe – the 11th European Economic Congress held on 13-15 May 2019 in Katowice – Track Tec Group received the prestigious “2019 Investor Without Borders” award.

Track Tec was nominated in the “Polish investors abroad” category. The Group received the award for “intensive and effective activities carried out on the European railway infrastructure market based on products fulfilling the highest quality standards.” The fact that Track Tec solutions function successfully in more than 40 countries was also appreciated.

During the official Gala held on 13 May at the International Conference Centre in Katowice, the award was received by Mr Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Board at Track Tec S.A.

“Track Tec is definitely an investor without borders. Our solutions are successfully used not only in Poland, but also in such distant countries as Canada, Taiwan or Brazil. Unique knowledge, over 100 years of experience and innovativeness of our products allow us to carry out tasks even in the most difficult conditions. On my behalf and on behalf of all Employees of Track Tec Group, I would like to thank you very much for this award,” said Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Board at Track Tec S.A.

In selecting the best investors, the jury assessed, among others, the scale of the investments, the effectiveness of the strategies, the amount of outlays, the volume of production, the consumption of raw materials, the size of the supplier network, the impact on the potential of the Polish economy and the innovative character of the applied technologies and manufactured products.

Polish and foreign companies, including BASF, Danone, Siemens, Volvo Polska, Rockwell Automation Polska, Adamed, Mokate, Selena, Apator, Colian, competed for the prestigious title.

The main and consistently pursued objectives of Track Tec are: to constantly increase the number of Customers all over the world and to continuously increase the innovativeness of products and technical solutions. The Group operates intensively on the international market, with Track Tec products in more than 40 countries.

// 14.05.2019

Track Tec