Track Tec sets trends

The first presentation of the Track Tec Group’s products and services incorporating the superior quality products, innovative technical solutions and comprehensive logistic services will take place at the 9th International Railway Fair TRAKO 2011.

In response to market needs, the Track Tec Group has recently initiated many competitive changes in its production processes that will boost the Group’s international expansion. At present, one of the Group’s competitive advantages is the manufacturing of reforged tongue profiles, including section pressing which guarantees high quality and the required product parameters. The reforging of tongue profiles (the key element of any turnout) in a specialist press is unique on both the European and the worldwide scale. It should be noted that the latest solutions offered by Track Tec are compliant with the ISO 9001 system and strict acceptance requirements of the European standards.

“Track Tec is much more than just many years of experience of each member of the Group. Track Tec means a clear vision of the Group’s development and market share growth. I strongly believe that consistent investing in the quality of our products and services will earn us a position of the leader”, said Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Management Board of Track Tec S.A.

Among Track Tec’s recent innovations one may find a system for manufacturing tram track sleepers featuring reinforcing bars anchored with a steel rest plate at either end. The competitive advantage offered by this solution is a very precise and repeatable distribution of concrete compression force which eliminates the risk of cracks in concrete.

The underlying foundation of any initiative for more innovations within the Group is ultimately the growth of its business effectiveness. Providing the optimum alignment of the customers’ needs and expectations with Track Tec’s solutions will help the Group to fully exploit its potential and expand the customer portfolio.

// 12.10.2011

Track Tec