Track Tec Construction to complete the first stage of railway line no. 7 modernization

As declared, Track Tec Construction will complete the first stage of modernization of railway line no. 7 between Nałęczów and Lublin as scheduled. In under 6 months, the company constructed almost 32 km of track with overhead contact line and 14 engineering facilities.

Track Tec Construction built a total of 31.98 km of track 2, including additional tracks on line no. 7 between Nałęczów and Lublin, an overhead contact line, 10 platform edges at passenger stops and stations along the track and 14 engineering facilities ensuring optimal traffic flow across the section. At Sadurki passenger station, 3 turnouts and 1 platform were built. At Motycz station, one single-edge platform was built and one edge of a double-edge platform was made operational. Tracks 4a and 4b were built, along with 9 turnouts.

At this stage, Track Tec was also responsible for Lublin station – track no. 1 and track no. 2 were built over a length of 700 m. Additionally, 6 other station tracks and 14 turnouts were constructed. A double-edge platform no. 3 was built and commissioned as well. Furthermore, an underground passage with entrance from Kunickiego Street was constructed. At present, the infrastructure at Diamentowa, Janowska and Męczenników Majdanka Streets and the Ciemięga River is under construction. The first stage will be completed by the end of September 2019.

“In April this year, we commenced works on railway line no. 7. We succeeded in completing the first stage of the route's modernization in a record time, and within the next few days, the Nałęczów-Lublin section will be open to train traffic. No one has ever been able to accomplish a similar task this quickly,” said Marita Szustak, President of the Management Board, Track Tec Construction Sp. z o.o.

The railway line no. 7 modernization required specific actions on the part of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., since the Italian company Astaldi failed to execute this socially important contract in autumn 2018. Despite the call, the contractor did not commence the contracted work. PKP PLK had to terminate the contract with Astaldi. At that time, Track Tec Construction agreed to continue the modernization of railway line no. 7 between Lublin and Nałęczów (excluding Nałęczów station).

Completing all stages of the works specified in the contract will shorten the travel time from Lublin to Warsaw to 1.5 hour and improve the travellers' comfort at stations and stops. Trains will run at speeds of up to 160 km/h. Two-track train service will resume at the end of 2020.

// 24.09.2019

Track Tec