150 Track Tec’s turnouts in blocks

The logistics of railway turnouts in blocks assembled in the producer’s factory is a solution used more and more frequently. Last year, it was among fundamental technologies required by PKP Polish Railway Lines for the implementation of the turnout programme. Turnout blocks are transported 
using the rolling stock of turnout producers. Wagons suited for such transports are generally not available on the market, and not just in Poland.

Last week, Track Tec delivered its 150th turnout to the building site. 111 of such turnouts had been delivered in 2018. The effectiveness of this operation is made evident by the following facts: On 11 April at 6.50 pm a train left Zawadzkie station to deliver three R500 turnout blocks to Zdzieszowice station, for the general contractor, PORR. At 11.55 pm, the train arrived at its destination and during the 3-hour closure, which began at midnight, two turnouts were laid out at the building site. The third turnout was laid out at the next location during another period of the night time closure.

“This proves that, assuming good cooperation between the interested parties: PKP Polish Railway Lines, the contractor, and the producer supplying the turnout in blocks, it is possible to achieve results in the form of shortened track closure periods, and thus ensure that railway carriers experience minimum inconveniences,” said Krzysztof Niemiec, Vice-President of the Board at Track Tec S.A.

“Such cooperation is also beneficial for transporting the maximum number of turnouts in a single train. Track Tec has already completed transports with blocks of 9 turnouts” – he added.

// 17.04.2019

Track Tec