Track Tec at the European Economic Congress 2023

Track Tec Group, Europe's leading producer of materials for rail pavement construction, took part in the European Economic Congress - a unique debate with experts, politicians and business representatives. The discussion identified key trends and tendencies that are changing the economy and shaping its prospects in a changing geopolitical and macroeconomic environment.

Among other things, the event discussed the most important issues related to supply chain and logistics in Poland. Speakers, including Krzysztof Niemiec from the Track Tec Group, discussed, among other things, the role of logistics-operational links in the modern economy and their disruption as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Particular attention was given to issues related to the financing of railway investments.

“Increased funding to strengthen the railways has been delayed. In the case of railway investments, the funds are based on EU funding. If at least part of the money from the sale of CO2 emission rights by the government was allocated to investments in the railways, there would not be a situation where someone has to be taken away," said Krzysztof Niemiec, Vice President of the Management Board of Track Tec S.A.

Marita Szustak, CEO of Track Tec Construction, took part in a panel on rail infrastructure in Poland. Together with other experts, she discussed the modernisation of railway lines in Poland, taking stock of the National Railway Programme. The experts also highlighted the importance of the rail component of the CPK for the development of railways in Poland.

“It is important for us to discuss, on an ongoing basis, the key activities undertaken in our industry in terms of whether they really affect the development of the railway infrastructure in Poland and whether they meet our expectations as well as those of its users. It is only through substantive discussions on this subject that we are able to take further steps which, in the long term, can lead to significant improvements in our transport," said Marita Szustak, CEO of Track Tec Construction.

The 15th European Economic Congress took place from 24-26 April 2023 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice.

// 27.04.2023

Track Tec