Track Tec implemented a novel solution for PKP PLK

The Group Track Tec S.A., a leading provider of system solutions for transport infrastructure, was the first manufacturer in Poland to develop a prototype slip turnout (Rkpd 60E1-190-1:9) on prestressed concrete turnout sleepers for PKP PLK. On October 2nd of this year the innovative construction introducing a new quality of the national railway infrastructure has been officially approved by the infrastructure operator.

The new solution was developed by the specialists of Track Tec KolTram, one of the Group’s companies, under a pilot project of PKP PLK aimed at conducting tests to assess the technological solutions offered by manufacturers. The acceptance of the first slip turnout on prestressed concrete turnout sleepers produced by a Polish manufacturer took place in the plant in Zawadzkie.

The innovative product implemented by Track Tec is characterised by the use of completely new solutions for structural elements. The slip turnouts will be installed on special prestressed concrete turnout sleepers, and not, as before - 
on wooden sleepers, which will contribute to their higher durability and improved performance parameters, including higher driving speed up to 120 km/h.

„The main focus of Track Tec is developing technologically advanced, innovative products
 of highest quality that meet the requirements of the Polish railways. In order to achieve this, we use all our experience and unique know-how as well as launch projects that
will improve in the long term the offer for the railway operators and, most importantly, the safety on the rail network” – summed up Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Board of the Group Track Tec S.A.

The solution presented by Track Tec has been very much welcomed by the representatives of the railway industry as well as the Internet users and the Company was awarded first place in the category „Innovation”, as part of the competition „Locomotives of Rynek Kolejowy” held every two years. The award presentation took place during this year’s TRAKO International Railway Fair in Gdańsk.

// 07.10.2015

Track Tec