Track Tec on EEC Trends 2023

Track Tec Group attended the EEC Trends, which is a prologue to the European Economic Congress. During the series of debates at the conference, the key trends, developments and processes were discussed that will shape the prospects for the Polish, European and global economy in the coming years. The conference was organized by PTWP Group.

During the EEC Trends 2023, Track Tec Vice-President Krzysztof Niemiec participated in the panel “Infrastructure and geopolitics”. The panellists discussed new trade routes, changes in the supply chains and nearshoring resulting from the most recent geopolitical developments. They all underlined the significant role played by modern transport infrastructure in attracting investment.

“Modernisation and expansion of the rail infrastructure is an investment in the future growth of Polish economy. In the coming years, its international competitiveness will largely depend on the ability to provide sustainable transport solutions in response to investors’ environmental requirements,” says Krzysztof Niemiec, Vice-President of Track Tec S.A.

Among the topics discussed during EEC Trends 2023 was support for Ukraine and the need to provide tangible help to the country in its war effort. As the war has had a major impact on international logistics, more and more manufacturers and distributors are planning to shorten their supply chains. Nearshoring, or moving production closer to the final sales markets, can be permanent, which – according to Track Tec Vice-President – creates an opportunity for Poland and other Central European countries.

“For investors, the condition precedent for choosing Poland as a new location for their production plants is efficient and green logistics. When building their global supply chains, international businesses are already requiring climate certificates from Polish producers,” Track Tec Vice-President Krzysztof Niemiec adds.

The EEC Trends is a prologue to the largest business event in Central Europe – the European Economic Congress (EEC). The EEC 2023 will be held in 24-26 April.

// 06.02.2023

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