Track Tec at EEC Trends 2023

The Track Tec Group, a leading European manufacturer of materials for railway track construction, took part in EEC Trends, an event which is a prelude to the European Economic Congress. During the discussion, the most important trends, phenomena and processes which will determine the prospects for the Polish, European and global economies were identified in the coming year. The organiser of the meeting is PTWP Group.

One of the speakers on the 'Infrastructure and geopolitics' panel was Krzysztof Niemiec, vice-president of Track Tec. Participants discussed new trade routes and the impact of changes in supply chains on planned and ongoing infrastructure investments. The growing popularity of nearshoring in the rail industry was also discussed, as well as the role of modern infrastructure in building a green transformation of the economy.

“Modernisation and expansion of railway infrastructure are investments in the future condition of the Polish economy. The time is approaching when its competitiveness will depend on its ability to meet the requirements for using ecological transport of goods” said Krzysztof Niemiec, Vice-President of the Management Board of Track Tec S.A.

One of the topics of discussion at the event was support for struggling Ukraine and how to provide effective assistance. Experts discussed together how to prepare for reconstruction after the destruction of the war and which issues will become priorities in this process. An important element of the debate turned out to be the transformation of the Polish energy sector in the context of the crisis and the changes caused by the war.

The discussion at EEC Trends prepares the ground for the European Economic Congress, which this year will be held on 24-26 April. By working together on the Congress programme, its organisers emphasise the importance of its open nature.

// 06.02.2023

Track Tec