Track Tec present on the Czech market

In-service testing on the Czech railway network of B70 sleepers, manufactured by Track Tec at its Goczałków plant, has been successfully completed. As of 1 January 2023, these sleepers have been granted indefinite approval by the railway network manager, Správa železnic.

The sleepers were installed in several locations and each delivery for in-service testing was preceded by a quality verification carried out by a Czech inspector at the Goczałków plant. Track Tec met all the requirements of the Technical Delivery Conditions. The sleeper production process was subject to audits, and the sleeper and concrete itself to detailed testing.

“The approval of the B70 sleeper on the Czech railway network is extremely important for Track Tec,” says Krzysztof Niemiec, Vice President of the Board of Track Tec S.A. “On the one hand, it is the realisation of another project within the strategy of developing the export of products with the Track Tec mark, and on the other hand, it is a practical advantage in the supply of sleepers from Goczałków, due to the location of the plant in close proximity to the state border with the Czech Republic,” he adds.

“We have reason for satisfaction resulting from the recognition of the quality of our products in yet another market, all the more so because the Czech market is extremely demanding," Krzysztof Niemiec concludes. The cooperation between the Group and the Czech contractors is going smoothly, thanks to which Track Tec has a real chance to become widely known, with its sleepers, on the Czech railway network.

// 23.02.2023

Track Tec