Track Tec Construction: success and new investments

Track Tec Construction is a trusted partner for the comprehensive construction, reconstruction as well as modernisation of railway lines and stations including associated works.

The company's product range is complemented by expert advice and the broad competence of its highly specialised technical staff. The company is part of a Group whose products are present in nearly 40 countries.

One of the key elements of Track Tec Construction's success is its staff with many years of experience in the rail infrastructure industry. The company's employees are an elite team, full of unparalleled know-how and professionalism, who successfully carry out even the most advanced rail infrastructure projects.

As true specialists with comprehensive industry knowledge, they have a keen understanding of every aspect of the investment, allowing them to make sound decisions and effectively resolve any challenges that arise along the way. With their commitment and expert advice, Track Tec Construction achieves outstanding results.

The company has completed 15 projects since 2015, contributing to, among other things, increasing the capacity of railway lines and improving the quality of transport services. It delivers services in line with global standards, allowing to increase the business efficiency of the Company's contractors through the overall implementation of the rail infrastructure investment process.

“We are convinced that our commitment contributes to further improvement of the quality of rail and power infrastructure in Poland. Our efforts are focused on ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety on Polish tracks, which makes every completed project a source of pride and satisfaction for us," says Marita Szustak, President of Track Tec Construction.

The company is currently in the process of implementing a project in Pyrzowice, where it is involved in the construction of a 110 kV cable network that will cover three key areas: GPZ Miasteczko - GPZ Pyrzowice Lotnisko, GPZ Pyrzowice Lotnisko - GPZ Siewierz and GPZ Pyrzowice Lotnisko - GPZ Pomłynie. The project also envisages the expansion of the 110 kV switchgear of SE Miasteczko, which will be equipped with modern equipment in field no. 12. As part of the investment, the 15 kV cable network of GPZ Pyrzowice Lotnisko - GPZ Siewierz will also be rebuilt. Investors in the construction, which is expected to be completed in February 2024, include PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. and TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.

“This is a huge challenge, but we are confident that our experience and high working standards will also enable us to successfully complete this investment," points out Marita Szustak.

One important element of this project is the construction of a 20kV MV cable connection between GPZ Pomłynie and GPZ Pyrzowice Lotnisko. This part of the investment will also include the modernisation of GPZ Pomłynie, which will contribute to improving the reliability and efficiency of the network in the region.

“One of the interesting aspects of the investment is the use of watucab cable pressing. We are the first in Poland to use this latest technology on such a large scale. This allows us to improve the power supply in the Pyrzowice Airport area and influence the efficiency of the network in the region,” adds the president of Track Tec Construction.

The company is currently completing work on the revitalisation and reconstruction of the railway line No. 182 Tarnowskie Góry - Zawiercie, which will include the construction of a rail link to Katowice Pyrzowice Airport. In addition, as part of these works, Track Tec Construction is constructing the GPZ 110/20 kV Pyrzowice Lotnisko substation.

This state-of-the-art substation will be a key point on the cable network route, ensuring the efficient supply of high-voltage energy. The company will also carry out the reconstruction of the PZO Mierzęcice substation to adapt it to the new requirements and ensure its safe and efficient operation in the power system.

Track Tec Construction is part of the Track Tec Group - a leading international provider of system solutions for rail infrastructure. The Group currently comprises eight plants across Europe. The progress and development of the Group's business is driven by organic growth as well as M&A activity and international cooperation.

More than half of the sleepers built on the Polish railway network (one of the largest in Europe), as well as every second turnout, come from the production plants of the Track Tec Group. Track Tec's comprehensive offer also includes general contracting, logistics, turnout construction, servicing and design consultancy services. The Group is active on the international market and products with the Track Tec mark are present in more than 40 countries.

// 31.07.2023

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